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Postby Pagulayan » May 9th, 2017, 9:36 am

I'm curious where we stand with recruitment as a whole right now? I see we are still getting apps and at least publicly there isn't much of a response going out. Are we just holding out for that God-tier level app and otherwise content with the current roster? I thought that rogue was at least an interesting app and he already went elsewhere. The dh is somewhat interesting as well, unless with the Illadelphian (working title) ascension we are just done with dh. Seems like a second rogue and a real fury warrior wouldn't be bad features. My understanding is Osires is basically all in on survival, so I guess adding much more melee wouldn't really be a great thing. I'm mainly just curious because I usually look in to the apps a decent bit and if we are more or less auto-declining (or ignoring, which is the same thing) people I won't bother looking in or asking them questions.

I also think it would be interesting and helpful to add a question or two to the app asking why they are looking for a new guild, and why they are apping to Void specifically. I know I've heard Buble say many times that he doesn't just want people who want to play or want to see the content or get gear or w/e, he wants people that want to be in Void specifically. I believe I've heard Kris share that sentiment as well. I know the "guild history" question kind of hints at why they're looking for a new guild but apparently people don't take it that way since we almost always end up asking anyway.
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Re: Recruitment

Postby bubleheart » May 9th, 2017, 10:04 am

To answer your question, we really are looking for the really good warlock app. We have by my count 8 melee and 10 ranged. We could get another melee but then I feel outside of a rogue we really do not need any. These DH apps are great and it sucks that we may end up passing on them, however we currently sit at 25 people and 26 is usually the magic number we kind of try to hover at so people can get optimal playtime. So that really leaves us open for 1 more player.

And to answer your question, the "Why Void? Why did you pick us?" is pretty much the central thesis and topic for 99% of our interviews. If you make it to interview stage, we know you know how to play your class. Asking you that shit is irrelevant at that stage. We look for how well we think you will fit in. It is a huge relief when we interview people like the new shaman and spriest who specifically told us what they were looking for and why they chose Void (longevity, stability, raid times, memetown discord, etc). That is one of the strongest pillars you can build a guild on. People who want to play and be there keep recruitment to a minimum and forge relationships with everyone and I think that really cannot be measured in any quantity when choosing a new person.
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