Congratulations Officer Pag!

Congratulations Officer Pag!

Postby Casa » November 17th, 2017, 5:38 am


I loved void and the people in it, basically ran the show for years. Had to step back from raiding full time because of work etc., but I was still involved with running things well into Legion. I filled in as a tank whenever asked, most recently during Fallen Avatar progression. Two weeks later, while at sea, I found myself kicked out of discord. After some research I learned about the drama, sounded like it was all or mostly Kris's fault. I wasn't too surprised because of the issues we've had with Kris and girls before. No explanation for why I was kicked (or a bunch of other uninvolved people), no apology, etc. It seemed that everyone who wasn't currently needed for raid progression was removed, while everyone who was still needed was allowed to stay. Pretty annoyed but whatever. I talked to Buble and Kris about what was being done wrong with the guild, what they should do differently, etc. Same stuff I've been doing for 5 years.

Got back from the ocean, got discord access back, played a bit with some people. KJ dies, more people quit. Void is now down to about 5 people from when I played, two of which clearly stated that they had no interest in being my friend anymore, so I hang out here rather than in Void discord. Someone starts talking to new apps about how the guild is dying, etc. I condone this because it's true, and I don't think lying to apps is going to help anyone.

Kris and Buble apparently decide without talking to me that they don't want me to host the website anymore. Maybe suspicion that I'm the one whispering apps with warnings about the 13 trials, I don't know, because they didn't talk to me. In the middle of the night, they copy the website I made and delete everything on my server, then tell the guild that this was done to "not burden Casa any longer". They never talked to me about this, and it was intentionally done after I went to bed. Fortunately I have a sense for these things (I have woken up 100% of the time that people fucked with my shit at 4 AM).

Deleting content on my server and stealing my work was the trigger. I restored a backup, made the forums open access, and posted the above screenshot of Kris joking about promoting Pag to destroy the guild.

That's the grand total of my involvement in all of this. Pushed out of the guild I ran and loved forever because some of my friends were fighting with another friend over a girl.
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